Welcome to Windwoven Natural Dreadlocks. 

HI my name is Stacey and I am a professionally trained and
widely experienced Dreadlock Artist.
My work is of the highest quality and I pride myself on delivering prompt,
individualised, professional and caring customer service.

Each Client is unique and my work is customised to suit the needs
and wishes 
of each person.
I am experienced with all hair types and a wide variety of styles and you can find more photos of my work on Windwoven's Facebook page.

For a list of Services and general pricing please view my Services page
and get in touch for a personalised quote. Please provide full head and shoulders photos of your hair back front and side AND describe what you would like to have us do for you eg maintenance, full head new dreads etc.
Follow my Facebook page to view my weekly work or find me on Instagram @windwovendreadlocks

We are open Thurs - Sun each week by appointment ONLY